Cutting-Edge Business Owner...
Your Competition Is Staying Up To Date With Automation...Are You?
Doing more with less is the name of the game in business today. Profitable and successful businesses around the world are turning to automation that allows them to scale.

In fact, as an ONTRAPORT user, you've probably read an article or two about how your competition is using automation that leaves you in the dust.

But automation is a constantly moving target as companies like ONTRAPORT and Zapier add new features daily. While these improvements are great, it's impossible for a savvy business owner to keep up. 

ONTRAPORT floods your inbox (and mailbox) on a regular basis with new updates and more great ideas. Knowing which of these new features is useful and important to your business takes time. Time you don't always have.
I am a self-confessed marketing, automation, and process geek.
Hi. My name is Neil Kristianson and I'm an ONTRAPORT Certified Consultant. Every day I help companies all around the world turn their business processes into automation that allows them to scale in a big way.

It's my job to stay up to date with all things ONTRAPORT and automation. Since ONTRAPORT is the only CRM I work with, I get to know its ins and outs quite intimately. I know all the quirks and where the limitations are hidden.

When a new feature is released (no matter how big or small) I study it to see how it might benefit my clients. I also research and find outside technology to help my clients go beyond ONTRAPORT -- merging in other platforms to perform tasks that ONTRAPORT can't accomplish.

Almost every day I'm making short videos to share with my clients answering their questions. Over the years I've made videos on specific ONTRAPORT how-to topics and bigger picture marketing automation strategy questions.
These insider secrets are now available to you

For the first time, I'm making these videos available to the general ONTRAPORT and automation community as part of my new IGNITE Video Membership. Each month I'm going to add several videos to the library with at least two "meaty" videos that dive deep into a new feature or use case. Videos like..... 
How the WooCommerce to ONTRAPORT Integration Works
Using Gravity Forms Without Zapier
Creating an Inventory Countdown
Using Custom Objects to Track and Produce Podcast Episodes
Making the Most of ONTRAPORT's New Subscription Management Page
One of the first videos I created for the library, New ONTRAPORT Credit Card Settings, shows you how to use the new multi-credit card system. My client, Gil, had several people trapped in collections yet they had updated their credit card details. With the video I made for him, he was able to get those charges to go through and instantly collect hundreds of dollars that were owed to him!

What is one good automation idea worth to your business?

Recently, I helped one of my clients, Erin Chase, automate a series of abandoned cart follow-up emails for her latest launch. 

Using some tricks that I've developed in ONTRAPORT, I was able to identify people who viewed her pop-up order form but didn't complete a purchase. Adding this stealthy yet simple idea, we were able to add thousands of dollars to her launch. Sales she wouldn't have made without the extra level of follow-up.

"I went from leaving thousands on the table by not having that set up, to just a couple of hundred. And so I'm really grateful that he was able to dig deeper into ONTRAPORT, past my knowledge of ONTRAPORT, and able to set that up for me, as well as other things that we've set up together. So thank you so much Neil for helping me get all of the people into the course that needed to be into the course, and helping me not leave money on the table!"  ~ Erin Chase
One-on-one help is expensive

My clients have the luxury of putting me on speed dial to make their ONTRAPORT account sing when necessary. Not everyone has an ONTRAPORT Certified Consultant in their back pocket. 

But with an IGNITE Membership, you get the next best thing! Each month, I'm going to share with you the same time-saving videos I make for my clients. Plus twice a month I'm going to dive deep on a specific topic that will help you automate your way to success.  You'll make more money and save even more time with your ONTRAPORT account!

All for the low price of $27/month

Newly Released Videos:
Using Campaigns For Reporting
Creating a Custom Sales Pipeline
ONTRAPORT Philosophy
Organizing Your Image Library
Your ideas...

"Kristianson delivers the simplest explanation I've seen on how to use rules to automate your business." ~ Landon Ray, Founder/CEO ONTRAPORT

"Neil was our go-to specialist when we created our online courses and integration with ONTRAPORT. He listened to our needs and fulfilled them accurately. He made the learning curve with ONTRAPORT quick and easy. His information was invaluable at getting us on-track immediately." ~ Bud Fawcett
No longer for sale. These videos are available for clients only.