Attention Business Owners who are struggling to use ONTRAPORT
Training Specifically Designed For Virtual Assistants To Master ONTRAPORT

Rest easy knowing your Virtual Assistant has your back
In 2014 I became an ONTRAPORT Certified Consultant. Since that time, I've had the chance to work with numerous business owners, like yourself, and their virtual assistants. 

My name is Neil Kristianson. I love working with ONTRAPORT and I've made it my obsession to learn everything about it. Consequently, I've been a speaker at ONTRApalooza and I'm the author of the books The Ultimate Guide to Rules in ONTRAPORT and Supercharging the Power of ONTRAPORT: A Guide to Custom Objects.

But it hasn't been easy. I spend virtually every day interacting with ONTRAPORT. I'm constantly learning and improving my skills. But your VA probably has more to do than study ONTRAPORT full-time.

Somewhere along the line, you became convinced that ONTRAPORT would be good for your business -- that it would make things so much easier. You want your account to automatically follow up with prospects, segment out customers from tire-kickers, run your membership site, track expired credit cards, and increase your sales. And it can do all those things and more! But...

So far it's been a challenge just to send an email.

ONTRAPORT is not an "out-of-the-box" product. It takes a lot of time and energy to get it setup the way you want it. And it's not super-intuitive like your past email system was. But here's the dilemma...

When you signed up for ONTRAPORT you expected your VA to just "figure it out." And they're trying. But...

That's not fair to your VA.

They're doing their best to help you out and learn ONTRAPORT in between all the other things they need to do. But studying support documents and reading user forums takes time. Sifting through articles to find the one thing they need to know is frustrating.  Without some guidance, they're going to be overwhelmed.

You've thrown them into a no-win situation where they either bow out of working with you and lose you as a client...

Or they struggle through learning ONTRAPORT.

Over the years, I've seen this result in some disastrous situations over some very simple things. Simple things that could have been easily avoided. Instead, the business lost thousands of dollars, created a lot of ill-will among their email list, and the VA felt terrible for making a costly error.

I've even seen one long-term VA relationship severed all because of a mistake made in ONTRAPORT. 

As a business owner, not only is that not a fun position to be in with your clients, but it also costs you a lot of time and money. Time to find a new VA and train them about your business. And money caused by lost opportunities within ONTRAPORT and lost productivity.

It's a big step backward for your business.  

I want your ONTRAPORT/VA experience to be positive. That's why I've created...

ONTRAPORT training for virtual assistants
Here's some of what we'll cover during this video series...
Easy autoresponders - how to deliver automated messages in ONTRAPORT. There is more than one way to skin this cat! We'll cover step vs date sequences and why both are sometimes necessary. Also a look into the new campaign builder.
When are rules necessary - I literally wrote the book on rules! This is an area where we could spend weeks. Instead, we'll cover a few of the most-used scenarios for rules and why to use them.
Iron-clad naming conventions - it's easy to end up with hundreds (maybe even thousands!) of email messages, sequences, tags and products in ONTRAPORT. I'll share my time-tested naming structure.
Create and send emails from ONTRAPORT - there are so many ways to accomplish a simple email send in ONTRAPORT. But which one is the easiest, fastest and most foolproof for your business?
Landing pages and order forms - I taught the class on ONTRApages at ONTRApalooza. I'll share those same tips and tricks for getting the most of ONTRApages.
Tricks to get emails in the inbox - emails stuck in a SPAM filter don't make sales for you. SPAM filters are becoming more powerful and annoying but there are some basic rules to increase delivery.
Setting up a membership site - if your business is using a WordPress site to deliver content, there are some important pieces to have in place to make the best customer experience.
Tags, tags, tags, and more tags - when do tags make sense for your business? When do they become overkill and a nuisance? When is a custom field a better choice than a tag?
Automated tasks - the under-used hidden gem within ONTRAPORT. We'll talk about some of the use cases where tasks can save time and keep customers from falling through the cracks.
Create and sell a product - I'll share my checklist for launching a new product. So your business won't ever miss an important step in the process.
Here's what you'll get in Automation 101
Detailed video explanation where I'll walk you through the "real-world" ways of using ONTRAPORT. Broken up into short punchy videos that get straight to the heart of your question. Watch them all or select the one that gets you over your immediate hurdle.
All your specific ONTRAPORT questions answered via our exclusive AUTOMATION 101 learning portal. 
Low Introductory Price
6 Hours of video content
Specific questions answered via our exclusive portal
Plus some really SWEET Bonuses!

"Kristianson delivers the simplest explanation I've seen on how to use rules to automate your business." ~ Landon Ray, Founder/CEO ONTRAPORT
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Unlimited access to the Private Facebook Group where you can ask your immediate burning questions. Stuck on a project? Ask the community. I'll also be there regularly to help you along. 
If you've ever struggled to write a welcome series of emails that make sales, this is perfect for you. This program contains almost two hours of video as well as 15 sample emails you can emulate to create effective copy.
Custom Objects Guidebook & The Ultimate Guide To Rules $15 value
Each participant will receive copies of my books. Every question you've ever asked about rules, and some you probably haven't, are answered! As well as how you can use Custom Objects in your business.

"Neil was our go-to specialist when we created our online courses and integration with ONTRAPORT. He listened to our needs and fulfilled them accurately. He made the learning curve with ONTRAPORT quick and easy. His information was invaluable at getting us on-track immediately." ~ Bud Fawcett
No longer for sale. Automation 101 is available for clients only.