Integration Magic
Step-by-Step Training for Using Ontraport's API
Build integrations using Zapier or webhooks even if you're not a coder


Ontraport isn't really an all-in-one platform
As much as Ontraport can do straight out of the box, it's not good at everything. 

It can't change the oil in your car or make you a pizza. And it's not really a...

Project Management system


Auto-calendar scheduling tool


Accounting platform


E-commerce shopping cart


Learning management system

If your business doesn’t fit neatly in the Ontraport “box,” you NEED integrations.

Not every business model is made to fit Ontraport’s platform. 

I often see companies try to use Ontraport for things far outside its comfort zone. When they do, they're almost always disappointed and frustrated. 

While Ontraport CAN do a lot more than it’s made for, it really shouldn’t. It’s just not good at everything.

If your business doesn’t work perfectly inside Ontraport, don’t hack it. Instead, connect Ontraport to other platforms which are MADE to do the exact thing you need.

I've Been There

I'm a self-confessed marketing, automation, and process geek.

An Ontraport Certified Consultant since 2014, I love to fuse my clients' swirling entrepreneurial ideas, their half-finished business systems, and their underutilized content to create seriously rocking Ontraport setups.

My name is Neil Kristianson. I love working with Ontraport and I've made it my obsession to learn everything about it. Consequently, I've been a speaker at Ontrapalooza and I'm the author of the books The Ultimate Guide to Rules in ONTRAPORT and Supercharging the Power of ONTRAPORT: A Guide to Custom Objects.

I’ve spent hundreds of hours teaching myself how to use the Ontraport API. Countless mistakes, experiments, and real-world projects have gone into my integration education. If you’re not a coder (I am NOT a coder) then integrations can be confusing. That’s why I made a course with the non-coder in mind. 

Integration Magic is 7 hours of in-depth training on Ontraport’s API - 

covering everything from “what does API stand for” to how to create complicated multi-step Zaps using webhooks.

Four hours of step-by-step “how-to” video on the most popular integrations:
  • Update an Ontraport contact record when a meeting is scheduled
  • Update a Custom Object when a meeting is scheduled
  • Populate a GoogleSheet with Ontraport metrics
  • Update a Custom Object with info in a Parent Contact
  • Generate a contract with information in a Contact record
  • Make a duplicate contact or custom object record
  • Create or update a registration for an event
All laid out in easy to navigate video training.
Look over my shoulder as I show you how to create popular integrations.
  • Link a calendar with an Ontraport contact record
  • Link a calendar with an Ontraport custom object
  • Pull subscriber stats into a Google Sheet
  • Push fields between custom objects
  • Create and send a contract to a client using data from Ontraport in SignNow
  • Create or update a person's registration in JotForm in multiple objects in Ontraport
  • Copy an existing record in Ontraport
There is NOTHING else like this available anywhere - not even Ontraport has support like this for their API

I’ve created the training course I wish was available when I started building integrations years ago. I knew absolutely nothing about the API. In fact, I didn’t even know what an API was. I spent hours and hours scanning support docs, experimenting, and failing over and over.

But over time I learned all the tricks to  building integrations with Ontraport. Today I use the API every single day to make my workflow faster and my setups better.

Save yourself the GIANT learning curve and join me in Integration Magic.

What others have to say about EMAIL SPLAT trainings

I gave it to my senior dev who understands database structure and normalization cold (he's an old school, 1970s style guy), and he took to it immediately and raved about the simplicity.

I'm pretty excited to spend the 4 hours with it, likely on one of my next cross-country flights ~Mick O.


Absolutely 10/10 and highly recommended. Thank you Neil, you’re the man! ~ Ali A.


I think your course is much better than the stuff I received from OP. ~ Michael W.

Integration Magic: Unlocking the Power of Ontraport's API

ONLY $257

Wow. You really get it.
Not gonna lie, I'm a Neil Kristianson fan.
Founder and CEO

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